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cloddish adj : heavy and dull and stupid [syn: doltish]

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  1. Like a clod, a person who is foolish, stupid or parochial.
    He was a cloddish man, like he'd just fallen off the turnip wagon and hadn't quite woken up yet from his long trip from the country.
  2. Of or pertaining to lumpy soil.
  • Night-seeding, the tractor's floodlights
    are blood-red & ovarian -
    nurturing the cloddish soil, & always
    the farmer working the wheel, hands
    gnarled & frostbitten & large.


a person who is foolish
  • Hungarian: parasztos, nehézkes, esetlen, faragatlan
of or pertaining to lumpy soil
  • Hungarian: rögös, göröngyös

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